Why Join CIPA

Join CIPA Today!

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association, CIPA, is an organization of independent publishers, authors, and future authors who get together on a monthly basis to network, and to learn how to take their book, marketing, and publishing to the next level.

10 Reasons to Join CIPA (as a Regular Member)

  1. Monthly meetings—Our monthly meetings offer expert industry professionals geared to jump start your writing, publishing, or book sales. CIPA also offers online webinars throughout the year and in the summer months!
  2. Free advice—Each monthly meeting starts with a
    series of roundtable hosts to help answer your most pressing publishing questions.
  3. Early bird sign-up discounts for CIPA meetings and events.
  4. The annual CIPA EVVY Awards—A book competition program that honors the best of our members’ books by providing an independently judged competition in various genres and technical categories.
  5. Access to Associate Service Providers where you can find the best of the best in editing, book cover design, layout, marketing, printing, and more.
  6. Trade show opportunities—CIPA members can promote their books at such industry trade shows as Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA), Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL), and others.
  7. Vote at membership meetings—Members’ voices count with CIPA!
  8. Free print subscription to Foreword Reviews magazine.
  9. Network with your Peers—Meet and greet like-minded writers, authors, and industry professionals.
  10. FREE marketing for your book by submitting your news to the CIPA Signature blog, which is distributed to members and non-members alike and has over 1,000 followers! Post your new book to the CIPA Pinterest Board. Then announce your book signing to the CIPA Brigade!


7 Ways to Make CIPA Pay for You (as an Associate Member)

  1. Attend monthly meetings—Coming to CIPA’s monthly meetings puts you in direct contact with members and guests. You’ll meet prospective customers and learn more about book publishing from high-caliber speakers. Save $10 by 6pm the night before.
  2. Do a presentation at a monthly meeting—Speaking of high-caliber speakers – be one! Are you an authority in your field? If you are interested in giving an information-based presentation, contact the Program Chair with your idea. The goal is not to advertise your specific business, but to educate the members in your specialized field.
  3. Volunteer on committees and/or CIPA’s Board—You know it’s true: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of your membership. Email us here to see where you can volunteer your time and talents. Try it, you’ll like it!
  4. Submit an article to CIPA Signature—Write an information-filled article in your area of expertise and submit it to the newsletter editor here for inclusion in the CIPA newsletter. Keep it informational. Better yet, place an eye-popping advertisement in the Signature!
  5. Host a meeting roundtable—CIPA roundtables are designed to help anyone with any genre, with any question, simple or complex, for new writers and publishers as well as experienced authors and publishers. Are you an expert in your field? Contact our Program Chair for consideration to host a roundtable.
  6. Prominently display your marketing materials—A designated Associate Service Provider table is set up at each meeting where you can display your flyers, one sheets, business cards, or other marketing materials. That’s nine chances to get your company in front of our members. The more members that see your information, the more business you attract. Think ‘Law of Numbers’!
  7. Showcase your services—A designated Associate Service Provider Directory is hosted on the CIPA Catalog website, not only for our members to see, but for anyone doing a web search. Our analytics show that 50 percent of our web visitors come from search engine results. Get listed, get seen, get business!


Successful publishers and
authors belong in CIPA!


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