CIPA Brigade for Authors

New service for our Author Members! Introducing the CIPA Brigade, our social media service to help our author members publicize their book signings, readings and other events.

CIPA Board Member, Stan Moore, has volunteered to be our Brigade coordinator. He’ll be in charge of posting member notices to CIPA’s Facebook page, our CIPA Brigade Pinterest board, and forwarding event info to our email blasts and Signature newsletter. Send all content to

If you want your event posted, here’s what you do:

  1. Authors must provide all copy and a photo for the post. Copy must be complete as is and under 100 words. Photos must be in jpg format. We strongly advise that copy be sent at least one week in advance of the event for posting on social media.
  2. Events to be posted are defined as book signings, radio & TV interviews, guest blog posts and other media events. This doesn’t include blog posts from an author’s website.
  3. To be included in a Monday morning eblast, event copy must be received by the Brigade Chair by the previous Wednesday at noon. No special email blasts will be done for any author event.
  4. Author events can also be included in the monthly Signature. Complete copy and photo should be sent to the Brigade Chair or directly to the CIPA admin within the normal deadlines.

Authors can also post events directly on CIPA’s Brigade board on Pinterest. To do this, authors must follow CIPA’s boards and send a request to the Brigade chair to get posting permission to that board. This permission can be revoked if unsuitable content is posted.

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