By Mary Walewski, CIPA President

Congratulations CIPA EVVY Winners! We had a terrific awards banquet on August 23rd at the Space Gallery in downtown Denver. If you haven’t seen the pictures and list of award winners, check them out here:  http://www.cipacatalog.com/cipa-evvy-awards/.

Thanks go out to the terrific people at Space Gallery, Serendipity caterers, Teresa Funke, our MC, and Patricia Ross, our fearless EVVY chair.

Let’s also not forget the army of volunteers who made the EVVYs happen:

  • Joe and Jan McDaniel who logged in the entries, housed them in their basement, and shipped them out to the judges.
  • Chris Richards, who recruited and managed the many judges for the competition.
  • The judges, who read and scored the entries.
  • Kirk Axelson, who created the EVVY award certificates.
  • Bob Schram, who redesigned the EVVY stickers. The newly designed digital stickers will be posted this week and available for $5 downloads!

The EVVYs wouldn’t happen without them!

5 Tips for Getting Publicity for Your Award

Now that the ceremony is over and the initial glow has lessened, how do you get some well-deserved publicity for your book and the award you’ve won? Here are 5 ways to get some well-deserved publicity:

  1. Tell everybody you know and celebrate! Then, write a press release that includes what the award is, and why you won it. If you attended the ceremony, include your photo taken at the ceremony.
  1. Send the press release out to your local newspapers, alumni association, and any other organizations you belong to in your area of expertise.
  1. Post your good news on your blog, website and any social media you belong to.
  • Update your cover photos to include a cover of your book with the award on the cover. (Digital EVVY images and EVVY stickers for your book are available in CIPA’s online store.)
  • Announce it in your ezine, if you have one.
  • Link to any publicity from CIPA’s website and blog.
  • Post your press release on press release websites like PR Web. (Some are free and some are fee-based.)
  • Add the award to your book’s descriptions on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, etc.
  1. Update your publicity information on your website’s media page to include your award.
  1. Add the award to your email signature.

If you want to get on TV, be sure and come to our September meeting on Saturday, Sept 19. Stacie McKenzie of Channel 8’s Off the Page author interview show will be sharing her tips on how to get on TV, how to prepare, and how to nail your interview. Hope to see you there!

mary-walewskinewMy best to you,
Mary Walewski
CIPA President 2015-2016