Changes in Latitudes

I’m very proud and happy to be CIPA’s president for 2015-16. I look forward to serving you, the members and the indie publishing community. I’m also looking forward to having some fun!

Five years ago, Nancy Mills, the incoming CIPA president set the theme for her term as “Running With Scissors.” At the time, CIPA was facing some serious financial challenges and the CIPA board had to make some major reforms to bring the organization back from the brink. This was followed by the “Juggling With Chainsaws” term of Dan Miller, who continued to put financial reforms into place and spearheaded the ebook program with the Douglass County Library.  Brian Schwartz and Patricia Ross also worked tirelessly during their subsequent presidencies to lead CIPA, pay the bills, and serve our members. Under Patricia Ross’s guidance, CIPA has made our EVVY book awards competition bigger and better than ever with record numbers of entries.

Now it’s my turn. CIPA is long out of crisis mode, but we’ve still got a few bills to pay and a lot of great ideas to make this upcoming year a great one.   Our talented Board of Directors has already made some big plans for the upcoming year, including a new series of webinars and online interviews with authors and publishing professionals. This year, we also want to stress community, both within our group and beyond, including reaching out to various writing and publishing groups in Colorado and around the country.

I’m calling my year “Changes in Latitudes,” not only because I still own a Jimmy Buffet box set, but because I want to expand CIPA’s reach beyond what we’ve already done. (And I still like that line in the chorus,  “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”)

I hope you will join me and the board and volunteer on a committee!  Our fearless board could use a few extra hands to help make this year a great one. Here’s a few of the opportunities:

  • Would you like to learn how to use social media a little better? Consider volunteering on Kathy Mason’s marketing committee to help promote CIPA and our members. Kathy wants to use more video in our marketing – interested in learning how?
  • Want to learn how to run webinars and online interviews? We’re looking for 2 or 3 interviewers to promote CIPA authors and service providers online.
  • Do you enjoy meeting with fellow authors in person and brainstorming ideas for publishing and promotion? Our CIPA brainstorm coordinator Karen Douglass needs a couple of fellow authors to join her committee. (Bonus! Most of these meetings are at a wine bar/bookstore!)

As a marketing consultant, I always focus on “what’s in it for you?” Here’s why you should volunteer for a committee:

  • Free training – You know you need to use the internet to promote your book and your business – get some on the job training from experts in exchange for your time!
  • Community – we’re a lot of fun to hang out with. And you’ll make some terrific connections and friends.
  • Reciprocity – the more you give, the more you get. Ever notice how that works?
  • A lot of experience for not a big time commitment.  Most volunteer positions take about an hour a week.

Over the 10 years my CIPA membership has paid off in good friends and connections and terrific clients. I’d like to see your membership pay off for you, too. Let’s make this another great year!

If I’ve sparked your interest in joining a committee, please email us at admin@cipabooks.com.

My best to you!

Mary Walewski
CIPA President 2015-2016