January 2016 Signature Edition

This Saturday find out:

  • What catches a literary agent’s eye?
  • Why do some books get picked up by a publisher so easily?
  • How should you prepare your platform to appeal to agents and publishers?

These and more answers at our next meeting, “Creating an Author Platform No Agent Could Resist!

January 2016 Signature Contents

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Alice Borodkin publishes a memoir

CaptureCaught Between the Bettys dedicated to Betty Friedan and Betty Crocker. A memoir by Alice Borodkin.

For women and girls who followed the script it should have been easier, back in the 1950’s.Get married, that’s why you went to college – to find a man, have a few kids, be happy with your split-level suburban home and have that martini ready for Mr. Wonderful.

But for some women it was not enough! And some rebels wear pearls!

This is one women’s story. Her journey. How she became “Caught Between the Bettys”. From following the script to becoming a pilot to running for office. And all the pot holes along the way.

This is one woman’s story. Her journey. How she became “Caught Between the Bettys”.

Upcoming Member Event – “Learning to Walk in India”

covermkb.comWhat: Molly Kate Brown will do a book talk/book signing for her recently released debut book Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story. She will discuss this inspirational true tale. Both events are free and open to the public. MollyKateBrown.com Book is available on Amazon.

When and Where: 2/10/16, 6:30pm at
Lyons Regional Library in Lyons, CO.

2/11/16, 6pm at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO.

New website promotes Colorado authors free

CIPA member, Karen A. Morrissey of Thursday Night Press Ltd., announces the launching of a website to catalog and promote Colorado authors and their works. The site, called the Colorado Literary Network, can be found at https://cololitnet.com

The easiest way for an author to get information about themselves and their books into the site’s database is to use the ‘Add my book’ option in the main menu. Authors can get further control over their content by creating a user account and ‘claiming’ their author entry. This version of the site is focused on building the database of authors and books, with the next version focused on a pleasing reader experience. Authors are encouraged to offer feedback on the site. Use of the site is and will always remain free of charge.

Inquiries about the Colorado Literary Network site should be directed to Ms. Morrissey at kamorrissey@thursdaynightpress.com or 720-308-4368.

Charging Sales Tax for Your Book


Should you charge sales tax for your book?
By Mary Walewski

My email always brings me questions that evolve into a research project – and a blog post!

“Do you know how to handle sales tax for when we sell books?  Each community is different. Many require a business license. Am I required to have a business license for each community where I sell a book and pay them their tax, the state their’s, etc.?”

A google search of “How much sales tax do I charge” brought up some great resources, the best being Etsy’s Everything You Need to Know About Sales Tax and The Simple But Sweet Guide To Charging Sales Tax.

Not sure what your sales tax is in your town. Here’s a handy calculator by zip code.

Bottom line: You need to know the sales tax regulations in your state. “I didn’t know” is not a valid excuse according to the tax collectors. Some states just want you to charge sales tax for books sold to customers within your state. (This includes online sales.) Some states and cities require a business license and/or a sales tax license. Most states allow you to collect sales tax at your local rate, rather than your buyer’s local rate.

Once you’ve collected the sales tax, it’s your responsibility to pay the tax. Naturally, each state does that in a different way, too. Check your state’s department of revenue website for the most up-to-date info.

For my friends here in Colorado, I googled “How much sales tax do I charge in Colorado” and landed on the Dept of Revenue’s sales tax collection page.

mary-walewskinewABOUT MARY WALEWSKI: Mary Walewski is a social media trainer and guide for boomer business owners, consultants, authors, and speakers. Her specialty is taking the mystery out of online marketing. Buy The Book Marketing

Recommended Book for Fiction Writers

Recommended Book for Fiction Writers
By Karen Morrissey

Fiction writers vary in how they plan their work. At one end of the spectrum are “discovery” writers, also called “pantsers” (for “by the seat of the pants”), who figure out their story by the process of writing it. At the other end are outliners, who work out the details of their story characters, conflicts, and scenes before writing the story itself.

I wrote my first novel, Fisher King: Percival’s Descent, mostly as an act of discovery, and it served the story well enough. However, I had specific ideas in advance for the sequel, Fisher King: Dancing Lance, and I wanted to plan the story more than I did for the first book.

CaptureThat’s why I got my hands on a copy of Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland. The Million Dollar series of books on writing are all penned by authors who have sold at least a million dollars worth of product.

I’m going to make a strange-sounding recommendation: even authors who don’t intend to outline their stories should read this book.

My reason for this recommendation is simple, only about 10% of Million Dollar Outlines is about outlining. The remaining 90% is about storytelling, with gems that are useful to the purest of discovery writers.

My biggest takeaway from reading the book was that the genres of fiction really describe the principal emotions evoked by works in those categories. And readers read stories specifically because they want to experience certain emotions, whether it be romance, heart-pounding excitement from action, or the thrill of the hunt from reading a mystery.

Farland, however, discusses much more, like what makes for a rich character and what is at the heart of stories in the top grossing books, movies, and TV shows.

The book is a quick read, reasonably priced, and I think most fiction writers will learn something useful about storytelling from this book. They’ll even learn how pros outline their stories and why.

Book review written by CIPA member, Karen Morrissey.

January 2016 President’s Letter: New Year! New Website! New Member Benefits!


It’s a new year for CIPA with a new website and new benefits for CIPA members!

We’re finally retiring our old cranky website later this week for a brand new one built on the WordPress platform. Watch for our announcement when the new site is live.

Our new website is loaded with features we can’t wait to use! This means new benefits for Author members and Associate Service Providers too! Here’s a sneak peek –

For Author Members:

    • As a thank you for renewing your membership or joining CIPA, you’ll receive a coupon good for a one-time discount off a digital product in CIPA’s online store.
    • New Members-only free products in the store-coming soon!
    • 3 New Publishing Webinars this spring!
    • Video downloads of meeting presentations will soon be available in the online store.

For Associate Service Providers:

    • All of the above benefits, plus –
    • A listing in our brand new services directory on the website.
    • New opportunities for promoting your business to CIPA members – add your infoproduct to our free members-only downloads. This could be an ebook, report, instructional video, checklist etc., which provides value to your audience and spotlights your area of expertise and your contact information. Submission guidelines will be announced soon.
    • Would you like to teach one of our spring webinars and get paid for it? Associate Service Providers are given preference for teaching slots and will be paid royalties for digital downloads sold in the CIPA store. Details will be announced soon.

Watch for details as we roll out these new membership benefits. And don’t forget, the 2016 CIPA EVVY Awards will be open for submissions next month!

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2016!


mary-walewskinewMary Walewski
CIPA President 2015-2016

Local Author Fair – January 16


What: Local Author Fair
Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library in Broomfield
When: Saturday, January 16, from 11am to 2pm

Join Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library for their first library local author fair. There will be opportunities to meet authors and discuss their writings. There will also be book sales and signings!

Local published authors are invited to promote their work, giving them exposure while at the same time making Broomfield patrons aware of new authors in our midst. Writers of all genres can apply, self-published authors welcome.

They will give priority to Broomfielders, and if they have space they will include others from surrounding areas as well.

If you are an author and would like to appear at this event, you may download an application.


Member Event: Writing for the Web – for Writers

Writers have an advantage over the average website owner – you’re WRITERS!

Learn how to use your writing skills to create content for your website. In this 45 minute webinar we will cover a how-to of elements you need to transform your writing to get results.

December 1, 2015 from 12pm – 12:45pm MST
Recording Available: 12/1 – 12/10
Webinar link provided prior to the event.