July 2015 Signature Edition


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Welcome to the new edition of the CIPA Signature!

We used to upload a PDF newsletter to our site, www.CIPACatalog.com, but it wasn’t search friendly. Many of you found the articles we would post in the Signature handy, but it wasn’t easy for you to save just what you wanted for future reference. Now you can bookmark the direct link of the blog post for your favorite article! Our new Signature editions will still be posted monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month, and all the individual posts will be linked on one easy page. As member events from our new CIPA Brigade are submitted to the CIPA Brigade chair, we will post those throughout the month as well. We are excited to move to this new platform, and hope you will enjoy it and find it easier to navigate.

July 2015 Signature Contents

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President’s Letter – Changes in Latitudes


Changes in Latitudes

I’m very proud and happy to be CIPA’s president for 2015-16. I look forward to serving you, the members and the indie publishing community. I’m also looking forward to having some fun!

Five years ago, Nancy Mills, the incoming CIPA president set the theme for her term as “Running With Scissors.” At the time, CIPA was facing some serious financial challenges and the CIPA board had to make some major reforms to bring the organization back from the brink. This was followed by the “Juggling With Chainsaws” term of Dan Miller, who continued to put financial reforms into place and spearheaded the ebook program with the Douglass County Library.  Brian Schwartz and Patricia Ross also worked tirelessly during their subsequent presidencies to lead CIPA, pay the bills, and serve our members. Under Patricia Ross’s guidance, CIPA has made our EVVY book awards competition bigger and better than ever with record numbers of entries.

Now it’s my turn. CIPA is long out of crisis mode, but we’ve still got a few bills to pay and a lot of great ideas to make this upcoming year a great one.   Our talented Board of Directors has already made some big plans for the upcoming year, including a new series of webinars and online interviews with authors and publishing professionals. This year, we also want to stress community, both within our group and beyond, including reaching out to various writing and publishing groups in Colorado and around the country.

I’m calling my year “Changes in Latitudes,” not only because I still own a Jimmy Buffet box set, but because I want to expand CIPA’s reach beyond what we’ve already done. (And I still like that line in the chorus,  “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”)

I hope you will join me and the board and volunteer on a committee!  Our fearless board could use a few extra hands to help make this year a great one. Here’s a few of the opportunities:

  • Would you like to learn how to use social media a little better? Consider volunteering on Kathy Mason’s marketing committee to help promote CIPA and our members. Kathy wants to use more video in our marketing – interested in learning how?
  • Want to learn how to run webinars and online interviews? We’re looking for 2 or 3 interviewers to promote CIPA authors and service providers online.
  • Do you enjoy meeting with fellow authors in person and brainstorming ideas for publishing and promotion? Our CIPA brainstorm coordinator Karen Douglass needs a couple of fellow authors to join her committee. (Bonus! Most of these meetings are at a wine bar/bookstore!)

As a marketing consultant, I always focus on “what’s in it for you?” Here’s why you should volunteer for a committee:

  • Free training – You know you need to use the internet to promote your book and your business – get some on the job training from experts in exchange for your time!
  • Community – we’re a lot of fun to hang out with. And you’ll make some terrific connections and friends.
  • Reciprocity – the more you give, the more you get. Ever notice how that works?
  • A lot of experience for not a big time commitment.  Most volunteer positions take about an hour a week.

Over the 10 years my CIPA membership has paid off in good friends and connections and terrific clients. I’d like to see your membership pay off for you, too. Let’s make this another great year!

If I’ve sparked your interest in joining a committee, please email us at admin@cipabooks.com.

My best to you!

Mary Walewski
CIPA President 2015-2016

CIPA Summer Webinar Series


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CIPA Summer Webinars

See you online!

Webinar: 10 Steps to a Hardworking Website

When: Thursday, July 16, 2015 (Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to webinar to allow us time to get the link out to everyone who registers before the event.)
Time: 11 am – 12:15 pm
Cost: $15/members, $25/nonmembers

This webinar will be recorded and provided to all registrants after the event.

Your website is your personal real estate on the internet. This is the place you should be sending your fans, the media, and potential buyers of your book.

But is your website working for you or against you? Is it old-fashioned looking, slow to load, and doesn’t have a call to action for your visitors? Or, is your website inviting and interesting, with a clearly articulated call to action? Is it what we call a hardworking website?

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’ve forgotten the last time your website was updated.
  • You have no idea if your site is getting any visitors.
  • You pay your webmaster a lot of money and you have no idea why.
  • You’re just getting started with a website and you want to understand what you’re paying for.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What you need to create a new website.
  • Where to get a domain name and how to select one.
  • What are my website options?
  • Where should I host my site? (And what is hosting, anyway?)
  • How to assess if you need to update or redo your site.
  • Effective website planning.
  • Best practices when working with a web developer.
  • What kind of expenses should you plan for?
  • How to make the most of your website once it’s done.
  • How long will my site last?

Join us on July 16 for 10 Steps to A Hardworking Website!

Presented by Corrinda Campbell of Small Business WP Services, hosted by Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing.

Webinar: How I Sold 5000 Books To American Furniture Warehouse

When: Wednesday, August 5, 2015 (Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to webinar to allow us time to get the link out to everyone who registers before the event.)
Time: 11 am – 12 pm
Cost: $15/members, $25/nonmembers

This webinar will be recorded and provided to all registrants after the event.

It’s every author’s dream: selling your book by the hundreds or even thousands. But that could take a very long time if your sales are one book at a time.

Author and CIPA member Michelle Rodenburg had a better idea. After hearing self publishing expert Brian Jud speak at CIPA last fall about bulk sales, Michelle took action. She bought Jud’s best selling book How to Make Real Money Selling Booksand made a plan.

Learn Michelle’s step by step plan for selling 5,000 books to American Furniture Warehouse as a premium for customers.

Webinar: Our 20 Biggest Self Publishing Boo-Boos!

Webinar originally aired, June 15, 2015.
Download the recorded webinar video and PDF slides.
Cost: $15/members, $25/nonmembers

This webinar’s focus is  on self-publishing BIG BLUNDERING BOO-BOOs!

Industry professionals say they can spot a self-published book a mile away. In this webinar, we’re going to point out the top twenty red flags that scream THIS BOOK IS SELF-PUBLISHED so you can avoid them.

Join Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing, and Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing as they steer you past these boo-boos and save you heaps of headaches (and money).

Click the webinar image below to purchase and download the webinar!

2015 CIPA EVVY Awards and Dinner Banquet Tickets Now Available!



2015 21st Annual
CIPA EVVY Awards Tickets are now available!

Ticket cost is $60
for the reception, dinner & ceremony
(soda, beer, and wine are complimentary).

The CIPA EVVY Awards Banquet will be held:
Sunday, August 23, 2015, from 5pm to 8pm
Space Gallery, 400 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204

Meet our M.C. for the 2015 CIPA EVVY Awards:


Teresa Funke – Author, Professional Speaker, Writer’s Coach

We are pleased to announce that the the 21st annual CIPA EVVY banquet’s
MC is five-time CIPA EVVY award winner, author, professional speaker, and writer’s coach—Teresa Funke!

Teresa Funke is a successful author, professional speaker, and nationwide writer’s coach and a five-time EVVY Award winner.

Proceeds benefit the literacy projects of the CIPA EDUCATION AND LITERACY FOUNDATION (CIPA ELF). A non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

Buy your tickets and view the dinner menu here!

The Book Design Process


This is a guest post by Robert Schram.

As the founder and owner of Bookends Design, I have worked in the publishing industry since 1984. I have served in a variety of capacities; as a production manager in publishing, an art director in video production, as well as a small business owner. I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm of every new client, their passion for their subject, and assisting them in bringing their project to fruition. Over the course of the years, I have invariably found it helpful to present an overview of the design process that I utilize in order to afford a better understanding of my role in designing your book. Often beginning with a face-to-face meeting, clients will frequently ask, what does a book designer actually do? In answer to that question I developed The Book Design Process:

Design Brief. The overall project is discussed including a review of the subject matter and the proposed physical characteristics of your book or cover.

Concept Development. Verbal concepts are developed to focus on the direction you wish to pursue visually.

Design Research. Design research is done for the selected concepts. Graphic elements are introduced.

Thumbnail Sketches. An exploration on paper of possible design solutions, the best of which are selected for further development.

Rough Layout. Generally composed on a computer in actual size, refined and then evaluated, the best of which are selected for even further development.

Comprehensive Layout. Rendered with enhanced detail and precision and presented to you for final approval. Color selection occurs at this stage.

Art Production and Proofreading. A final proof is prepared incorporating any revisions or corrections.

Preparation for Printing and Electronic File Submission. Files are ‘pre-flighted’ to assure that all images and fonts are present before outputting. A full-color interim proof of your cover would be advisable.

Matchprint and Bluelines. Final proofs are obtained from the printer to assure that prepress was completed to our specifications.

Each book is unique and in the context of this process it remains the task of the designer to create the look of the dust jacket or cover of your book; along with developing its personality, driven by a meaningful, imaginative style and visual flow.

bobAs the founder and owner of Bookends Design, I have served as a Publishing Resource since 1984. Having worked as a production manager in publishing, art director in video production, and small business owner, I have experienced the gamut of client and vendor interaction. Whether you are a publisher, business, school, author, or individual and you require graphic design, art direction, project management, print coordination, publishing consulting, or anything in between, Bookends is available to serve your needs.

CIPA EVVY Entries Rolling In

Entries for the 2015 CIPA EVVY Awards continue to come in steadily. Once again the quality of entries this year appear to be uniformly high, so we expect another tough competition. To date, the entry that has come the greatest distance is a Juvenile Fiction title submitted by a U.K. author, I.S. Hassan, titled The Alchemist’s Legacy. As of this writing 24 titles have been received, in 46 categories. After a few initial adjustments, the revised and streamlined entry procedures are working well. We are looking forward to our first volunteer meet-up to get the first batch of books sent out to our judges. If you plan to enter, please review the submission guidelines on the CIPA website.

joe_thumbnail_29_march_2014_400x400Post by Joe McDaniels – CIPA EVVY Volunteer,
and co-owner of BookCrafters. Joe and wife Jan McDaniel began self-publishing their own books in 1996. BookCrafters was established and began assisting clients in 2007. To date (2015), they have published over 250 titles using Lightning Source Inc. (LSI), BookPartners (HF Group), Snowfall Press (SFP) and other printers for special projects. They are members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). BookCrafters books have won multiple CIPA EVVY Contest Awards. Joe has served on the board of CIPA and for the last four years both Joe and Jan have coordinated receipt of CIPA EVVY Award entries.

CIPA Member Publishes Expanded and Revised eBook

eBookFrntCoverAuthor Linda Nagy has just released a new 2015 expanded and revised eBook edition of her award-winning Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide with the expert help of Veronica Yager of YellowStudios. The book is available in all electronic formats such as Kindle, nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc., and is for all nature enthusiasts who want to learn more about wildflowers throughout Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Region from north to south. Information includes common, scientific and family names, a brief description, and each wildflower’s habitat, life zone, and general flowering time. The 255 plus wildflowers are shown with clear detailed images and are grouped according to color so one can quickly find and identify an unfamiliar flower.  The eBook indexes of common and scientific names link to individual pages with descriptions. It is great for loading on to a phone to take along on hikes. The guide is written by Linda Nagy with photographs by her husband, award-winning nature photographer and author, Bernie Nagy. Check out the book at Amazon.com!

Writer’s Mingle – and Benefit for Fellow CIPA Member



You know how we like a good party! Polly Letofsky of Self Publishing Experts of Denver is hosting a Summer Writers Mingle on August 4, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm. Aside from being a fun event, Polly is also hosting a fundraiser to help out our good friend and CIPA associate member Nick Zelinger. Nick recently went major surgery and won’t be working for awhile as he recovers.

Details are below! Take a moment and RSVP on Polly’s Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/Self-Publishing-Experts-of-Denver/events/223879447/

WritersMingle2015We’re having a SUMMER WRITER’S MINGLE and you’re invited! 

We thought it would be great fun to get writers, authors, editors, cover designers, children’s book designers, book shepherds, small publishers and all the rest, together and whoop it up.

We also want to take this mingling opportunity to celebrate our very own Nick Zelinger, master cover designer, who has had a serious medical scare recently, but has come out with flying colors.

Nick’s band, Thin Ice, will also come and jam a bit, and who knows, Nick may even feel up to jammin’!

Because Nick has had to stop working for a couple of months we’re going to try to raise some funds for him, too, just to help him out. He’s always been so good to our authors, going above and beyond, so this our chance to give back to him and show him how much we appreciate his work and talents.

So please join us to mingle and celebrate. We’re getting the appetizers, and there is a drink special until 6pm.

*If you’ve published a book bring it and show it off…

*If you want to write a book and you want to chat with editors and book designers, bring your best questions…

*If you know someone who wants to finally publish a book, come on out and gather information…or bring her/him with you…

*If you’d just like to break away and spend a perfect summer evening sharing fun ideas with other writers…

We’re going to meet and greet and chat and eat on Tuesday night, August 4, 5:00 – 8pm (ish) at Fat Willey’s where we’ll have plenty of hors d’oeuvres, and oodles of publishing related vendors to mingle with.

This event is free of charge, so please bring your writer friends and make a great summer evening out of it!   We can’t wait to see you. RSVP here!

CIPA Member Filmed by C-SPAN and Gets a Starred Review by Blue Ink


behindthelinesJeffrey B. Miller’s new nonfiction book, Behind the Lines: WWI’s little-known story of German occupation, Belgian resistance, and the band of Yanks who helped save millions from starvation, received a Starred Review in June from Blue Ink Review, which provides objective professional reviews of independently published books. The book was also awarded Special Mention in the New Mexico Book Association’s annual Southwest Book Design Awards for being “very well done on the three main levels of judging – text, cover, and production.” Additionally, Miller was one of four historians who made presentations at a June 20 symposium hosted by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa. The presentations were filmed by C-SPAN for future airing on American History TV. Miller will also be one of five speakers at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Literary Festival, October 17 at Mount Vernon Country Club. http://wwibehindthelines.com/

Want to Start a Chapter of The Association of Publishers for Special Sales?

Our friend and colleague Brian Jud is planning to start a chapter of his organization APSS (Association of Publishers for Special Sales) here in Denver. He’s looking for someone to head up the chapter. We’re happy to pass his request along to our members. If you’re interested, contact Brian directly at BrianJud@bookapss.org.

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